Tourism & The Arts

Conroe has several venues, Theaters and art galleries in our historic downtown and across the city.

Did you know in 2018 Conroe was named a “Music Friendly Community” by the Texas Music Office and Governor Abbott?

By focusing on these assets and attracting new events to the area provides a great opportunity to grow our tourism and increase revenue for the city an create a better quality of life for the citizens of Conroe.

Quite Frank-ly Fiscally Responsible

The financial impact from COVID-19 has cost Conore millions in revenue.

I will make tough decisions as in my own life and be budget minded to spend tax revenue wisely and always look for ways to save money.

Public Safety

I completely support our Police Officers, Fire Fighters and First Responders. Public Safety is a MUST for our city to grow and prosper. It needs to be a priority to meet or exceed the national standards for a city with a population of 100,000 people.

When that standard is met it will make our First Responders & Citizens safer as well as make Conroe retain and attract new recruits which is not an easy task be any means.

Business Friendly Conroe

As a small business supporter I want to making it easier for the citizens and others to bring or open a business in Conroe by creating clear comprehensive guide to doing so and providing the support them through the development process.